Dependable and versatile, Appvion direct thermal products provide solutions for a wide variety of entertainment and transportation ticketing needs. Crisp imaging ensures reliable barcode scannability and consistent image quality, while excellent press printing characteristics allow for compatibility with high quality image graphics. Additionally, Appvion’s materials provide outstanding converting characteristics such as perforating, fan-folding, die cutting and foil stamping.

Alpha® 820-3.4 Film 3.4 77.4 Medium        
PolyTherm® 190-4.1 Film 4.1 82.0 High   
PolyTherm® 300-10.0 Film 10.1 281.0 High      
PolyTherm® 600-4.0 Film 4.3 115.5 High     
PolyTherm® 600-6.0 Film 6.0 171.0 High     
PolyTherm® UV 190-4.1 Film 4.1 82.0 High  
PressPro® 500-7.7 Paper 7.7 90.6 High     
Résiste® 400-5.3 Paper 5.3 128.9 High    
Résiste® 400-7.0 Paper 7.1 166.2 High       
Résiste® 500-7.6 Paper 7.5 176.3 High     
Résiste® 600-7.5 Paper 7.5 181.6 High     
Résiste® 800-4.5 Paper 4.4 98.5 High      
Résiste® 800-5.3 Paper 5.3 130.8 High    
SecuraTherm® Blue Paper 8.8 197.0 High    

End-Use Application Key:
Airline Boarding Pass
Amusement Park Tickets.
ATM Receipts
Baggage Tags
Bin Tags
Cinema Tickets
Entertainment Tickets
Fishing & Hunting License
High End Tickets
Industrial Labels
Lightweight Tickets
Mass Transit Tickets
Medical Charts
Parking Receipts
Parking Spitter Tickets
POS Receipts
Parking Violations
Receipts Requiring Graphics Logos
Retail Hang Tags
Retail Shelf Marking Labels
Ski Lift Tickets
Souvenir Value Tickets
Sporting Event Tickets
Tickets Requiring Security

*Use of Appvion thermal products in processing, equipment, end-use or other applications for which they were not intended voids all warranties.

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