Appvion direct thermal label products are ideal for barcode applications requiring a variety of environmental, chemical and resistance properties. High printing speed, excellent barcode contrast, resistance and versatility have contributed to the undeniable success of Appvion’s label grades. Appvion’s impressive direct thermal portfolio is designed to meet your specific labeling needs and equipment for virtually any label application and environment.

Résiste® RX Paper 3.2 78.9 High  
Résiste® B900-3.2 Paper 3.2 78.4 Ultra High   
Résiste® 900-3.0 Paper 3.0 78.1 Ultra High      
Résiste® B550-3.1 Paper 3.2 71.4 High    
Résiste® 185-3.2 Paper 3.1 69.8 Medium       
Wavex® PD Paper 3.4 77.1 Medium    
ThermArt® Orange 600-3.2 Paper 3.1 81.1 High  
Alpha® 185-3.2 Paper 3.2 72.8 High     
Alpha® 180-3.3 Paper 3.3 75.9 Low       
Dispersible Paper 3.1 69.5 Low      

End-Use Application Key:
Address Labels
Backside Printing Materials
Baggage Tag Labels
Cold Storage
Compliance Labels
Cross Docking
Distribution Labels
Garment Labels
Grocery Weigh Scale
Hot Foods
Industrial Labels
Infrared Readable
Light Logistics
Linerless Enabled
Medical Applications
Package Delivery
Parking Violations
Pre-Pack Food
Product Labeling
Retail Labels
Retail Shelf Marking Labels
Translucent Labels
Using Visable Light and Infrared Scanners
Warehouse Labels

*Use of Appvion thermal products in processing, equipment, end-use or other applications for which they were not intended voids all warranties.

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