Appvion’s film product line is the perfect solution when paper products are not providing the resistance needed. Our film-based grades provide the extra durability, resistance, and sharp imaging required for a variety of applications in which high water resistance or sheet strength may be needed. For unique applications in which high plasticizer content adhesives could migrate through the paper sheet, our film solutions provide an excellent barrier.

PolyTherm® 300-10.0 10.1 281.0 High      
PolyTherm® 600-6.0 6.0 171.0 High     
PolyTherm® 600-4.0 4.3 115.5 High     
PolyTherm® 300-4.1 4.1 82.1 High       
PolyTherm® 300-3.4D 3.4 61.0 High       
PolyTherm® 300-3.0D 3.0 53.7 High       
PolyTherm® 200-3.8 3.9 79.3 High         
PolyTherm® 200-3.2 3.3 67.8 High         
PolyTherm® 190-4.1 4.1 82.0 High   
PolyTherm® UV 190-4.1 4.1 82.0 High  
PolyTherm® Clear 300-3.0 3.0 70.1 High      
PolyTherm® Hotmelt 300-4.1 4.1 85.0 High       
PolyTherm® Hotmelt 300-3.4D 3.4 60.0 High       
PolyTherm® Hotmelt 300-3.0D 3.0 53.6 High       
OPTIMA® Wristband 6.0 6.1 121.8 High  
OPTIMA® S Ultrasound 3.2 68.0 High  

End-Use Application Key:
Address Labels
Backside Printable Materials
Baggage Tags
Fishing & Hunting License
Garment Labels
Industrial Labels
Medical Wristbands
Parking Violations
Pharmaceutical Labels
Product Labeling
Retail Shelf Marking Labels
Ski Lift Tickets
Translucent Labels

*Use of Appvion thermal products in processing, equipment, end-use or other applications for which they were not intended voids all warranties.

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