The word "Poison" should never go unnoticed.

Some messages are just too important to be missed. So we designed our Appvion Fluorescents to resist fading. And people’s urge to look away. The coated surface helps ensure uniform printing and makes our paper up to four times brighter than uncoated paper. 



  • Hazard signs
  • Event flyers
  • Sale signs
  • Envelope stuffers

It also accepts marker ink without smudging and withstands the drips and bleeding caused by a little stray water. Which means that a message you can’t ignore won’t turn into a message you can’t read.


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Appvion also offers a fluorescent line for digital printing. Click here to learn more about Appleton Digital™ Fluorescents.​


Navy Seals Foundation