DocuCheck Watermark


Imitation isn't always flattering. Which is why our watermark is so hard to duplicate.

There's nothing we like better than lowering the self-esteem of would-be con artists and criminals. And our unique chain-link, multitonal fourdrinier watermark is designed to do just that. Nearly impossible to duplicate, it's the perfect solution for higher-risk applications.


  • Financial documents
  • High-value or high-volume checks
  • Other high-value/high-risk documents

Of course, laser printing and cut-and-paste jobs aren't the only way enterprising criminals try to take advantage of high-value checks. So our DocuCheck Watermark® line also includes multiple indicator stains (high- and low-polarity solvent, oxidant, acid alkali) to help prevent check washing. And a set of visible and invisible fibers for an added layer of authentication.


Overall, it's the highest level of security you can get in a stock  product. Which is great news for you, but not so great news for the emotional well-being of criminals.
DocuCheck Watermark® is available with inkjet treatment.


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