DocuCheck IMPEDE

We spend more time thinking about fraudulent checks than most seasoned criminals.


When we design a product, we always think about how it's going to be used. Or in the case of our security products, how it's going to be misused. So for our Docucheck® Impede® line, we added our own exclusive LineMark® watermark, giving you a higher level of protection than printed watermarks. It's also particularly good at confounding cut-and-paster efforts.



  • Financial documents
  • Business checks
  • Documents that need a true watermark

To prevent check washing, three different types of indicator stains are available. While invisible fibers shut down attempts to color copy or laser print fraudulent checks. And with backside color, you can print your own unique frontside patterns for added security. Because in the end, one fake check is one check too many.


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