Synthetic Paper for HP Indigo

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Withstands sunlight, rain, heat, tearing and marinara sauce.​


Put a cookbook next to a beginner cook with a pot of sauce on the stove, and you have a recipe for trouble. One that our Appleton Digital™ Synthetic Paper is designed to be more than ready for.​



  • Cookbooks
  • Menus
  • Fishing maps
  • Grocery signs
  • ID cards

Made from a flexible film, it’s durable enough to resist weather, chemicals and tearing. It’s also stain-resistant and waterproof, which can come in handy in sauce-filled environments.


The ultra-smooth print surface and vibrant color reproduction mean that text and images pop. So one teaspoon of oregano doesn’t look like one tablespoon.​



Our synthetic paper can be punched, perforated, scored, folded and die-cut. It’s engineered and certified for HP Indigo presses. And, more importantly, it’s engineered to withstand life.​



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