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It’s durable, reliable and adaptable even when your budget isn’t.


Appleton Digital™ PVC performs like most other synthetic substrates, and at a cost that’s easy on your budget.



  • Gift cards
  • Interior signage
  • Shelf danglers
  • Store displays
  • Luggage tags

It’s made with a rigid vinyl film for strength and exceptional resistance to water and tearing. Inks and toners tightly grip the ultra-smooth printing surface producing colors that really pop. The no-curl sheets make printing a breeze on HP Indigo and high-heat, dry-toner production digital presses. And you don’t need to over-laminate for multiple applications. You can glue it, weld it, emboss it, score it and die-cut it. Low-sheet-count quantities and a one-year shelf life help you manage your inventory.


If you like the printability and performance of a polyester substrate, but don’t need all its premium features, Appleton Digital PVC is a versatile and affordable alternative.