Pressure Sensitive

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Won’t shrink from anything. Including a little heat.​


A black bumper sticker in 100º F heat can be a harsh environment. But so can the high heat of a digital printer. And the last place you want your product shrinking is on the press line. Which is why we design our Appleton Digital™ Pressure Sensitive products to withstand high heat, as well as moisture and tearing, without shrinking or swelling.



  • Bumper stickers
  • Industrial signs
  • Calendars
  • Window stickers

Of course, none of that matters if a bumper sticker or industrial sign doesn’t stay where you put it. And that’s where our premium water-based acrylic adhesives come in. Whether you need your sticking power permanent or removable, our adhesives give you dependable performance without unwanted residue or oozing during printing.


Our pressure sensitive products are also precision-sheeted for consistent feeding. They’re RIT HP Indigo certified and Kodak NexPress qualified. And they feature a lay-flat liner to ensure they always run trouble-free. Unlike the car that bumper sticker is destined to end up on.​


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