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The convenience of paper. The toughness of gas station beef jerky.


There are times when there’s nothing better than good old-fashioned paper. Like when you’re printing or folding a fishing map. Of course, the minute that fishing map gets caught between the cooler and the boat anchor, you’ll be wishing for something altogether tougher.


  • Student journals
  • Fishing maps
  • Menus
  • Field manuals
  • ID cards

With our Appleton Digital™ Paper-Film-Paper, you get the printability and convenience of paper with the added toughness and water-resistance of the film inside it. And since it prints and converts like paper, there’s no need for special inks or press setups.

Our Paper-Film-Paper is created using a patented solventless lamination process, which helps it stay flat and stable. So it always runs well on digital and offset equipment. It can be punched, perforated, embossed, die-cut, scored, folded, sewn, laminated and coated just like paper. And it has a one-year shelf life.


Most of our Paper-Film-Paper is also made with an oxo-biodegradable film that breaks down in the presence of oxygen. So the end of its life can be as useful as the beginning.

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