As market leaders in innovation, Appvion strives to balance economic growth, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship to meet the needs of today while ensuring future generations can thrive. Appvion is committed to improving efficiency, maintaining the well-being of employees and communities, and protecting our natural resources and environment.

Sustaining our environment is key to our future success, and we believe there is a clear link between the incorporation of ESG criteria into strategy and long-term corporate performance. In 2021, we released our first ESG Report, highlighting many of our outstanding achievements. We are very proud to launch our 2030 Sustainability Strategy, Create a Better Tomorrow, incorporating three clear objectives: Work Smarter, Act Responsibly, and Optimize Design.

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Innovation is the key to developing new products that provide a sustainable future. Some of our many product highlights include:


Alpha Free 
Appvion developed the first direct thermal material formulated with Vitamin C instead of phenols or urea-based compounds, offering customers a natural POS receipt paper choice.

Appvion has produced BPA-Free products since 2006.

CleanSlate™ technology is an alternative to traditional thermal paper. The image is developed without phenols, developers, or leuco dye.

Appvion has developed and launched recyclable and compostable polyethylene-free cups and containers.

Fluorochemical Free
All of our oil and grease resistant (OGR) papers are Fluorochemical-Free.